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City Clerk's Office

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Speaker's Name:
Full Address:
I wish to speak at the meeting held on:

If you are being paid a fee, are directly employed by, or are indirectly being compensated for representing another individual or group of people or a corporation on the subject to which you will be speaking, you are required to complete this section.    NAME OF PERSON(S), GROUP(S) OR FIRMS BEING REPRESENTED:

  • Speaker Appearance Form must be received in the City Clerk’s office no later than 12 PM on Monday of the week prior to the work session (see meeting schedule at ).

  • Each person desiring to speak before the City Commission should complete a separate form. Groups or delegations are encouraged to select one person to serve as a representative to speak on the group’s behalf. Presentations are limited to five minutes. The City Commission allows a maximum of two appearances by any citizen on the same issue.

  • The number of speakers is limited to two speakers at the beginning of each meeting to be determined as forms are received. Additional speakers will be permitted to speak at the end of each meeting, time permitting.

  • If requesting funds from the City of Albany please submit initial request to the City Attorney's Office along with supporting documentation.  City Attorney's Office can be reached at (229-431-2805).

  • This form can be submitted online or returned to the City Clerk’s office located at 222 Pine Ave., Suite 580; by mail (P.O. Box 447, Albany, GA 31702); by fax (229-878-3198); or e-mail If you have questions about this form, please call 431-.2161.

  • Request to present sales or service information or to solicit sales in any form will not be honored.  Sales information should be provided to the Central Services Department, 229-431-2144.